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About D Stone Paving

Paving Services Palmers Green

We have many years of experience in the paving business. Experience is a key factor for high standard results in any successfully run business.

D Stone Paving Contractors Ltd offer a ten year guarantee with an insurance policy cover of ten million pounds for any contract .You can request professional advice from both of our branches. You do not have to use our building and paving services for no obligation advice. Our structural engineers and architectural designers are all C.I.T.B. Certified.

It is very important to get the right advice no matter how small the project is before any work is started as there are strict regulations that have been put in place by the local authorities – planning, water flow, drainage, softbeft areas, public footpaths, brickwork etc. These safety standards also apply to electric cables, gas mains and water mains. As some properties have a restriction order in place, if these restrictions do not meet with the local authorities’ standard requirements the local authority will take legal action against the owner of the property and all work would have to
be rectified.

Drainage East Barnet
D Stone Paving Contractors Ltd East Barnet

It is important that the contractor employed to carry out any work has the knowledge required by the local authority and that the work is carried out to the British standard requirement. These requirements are met by D Stone Paving Contractors Ltd on all the work they carry out. D Stone Paving Contractors Ltd holds all valid official documentation required by local authorities.

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Advice Line

As we have gained so much experience over the years we have increased the scope of activity of our services in order to rectify paving undertaken by rogue paving contractors. These paving contractors have little or no experience and total disregard for local authority, code of practice and disrespect for their clients resulting in immense stress and unnecessary expense all because of either no advice or shady advice demonstrated before work commences.

This is why we have set up our Advice Line, because of all of the horror stories we have heard and what we have witnessed for ourselves, in order to route out the rogue builders to help people undertaking paving work to get value for their money and avoid losing their savings. You can ring any of our branches for planning and construction advice for your driveways etc. We are only too happy to help to give advice from one of our construction planning advice engineers. No blocked telephone numbers will be answered.

Planning Rules Palmers Green

These are the results of cowboy pavers:

  • 1. Inadequate depth.
  • 2. Incorrect material.
  • 3. Incorrect paving thickness.
  • 4. Water flow drained to prohibit outlets.
  • 5. No appropriate dressing on covers for existing services to dwelling which will become a safety hazard.
  • 6. Planning rules ignored.
  • 7. Inappropriate or no insurance policy cover; and many other problems.

To ensure customers not disappoint on every aspect of the pre-agreed job the company has a binding contract documentation in place for the protection of the clients, along with the guarantee agreement.

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